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Thomas Edison
Put your inventions in the spotlight and explore the commercialisation opportunities and prestigious awards up for grabs at ITEX 2017.
ITEX 2017 is set to return on the 11th-13th May 2017 with one goal in sight: empowering entrepreneurs to transition from scientific discovery to commercial application. In line with the Malaysia Commercialization Year, as championed by the Ministry of Science Technology and Innovation, ITEX 2017 will continue to strive on this theme and aims to make great ideas commercially viable. The expectation of ITEX 2017 is that the marketplace would come to adopt the fruits of basic and extensive research work and further translate these discoveries into commercial impact.

At the same time, the organiser of the International Invention, Innovation & Technology Exhibition (ITEX) will also be showcasing hundreds of ingenious creations by young minds through the staging of the World Young Inventor Exhibition (WYIE) in 2017.

With WYIE as the overarching event, these exhibitions will take on a new life fueled by better and bigger awe-inspiring ideas. The setting for WYIE will be meticulously devised to stimulate conduciveness in areas of thought flow, ideas exchange and to challenge the pre-conceived notion of creativity and innovation among young minds.