On The Right Track of Brilliance

LAST YEARS’S Malaysian Young Inventor Exhibition (MYIE) held concurrently at ITEX 2016 has witnessed over hundreds of entries of ingenious creations submitted by the young minds from Malaysian schools.

Among them is the youngest inventor of them all — Ajendra Rajamanickam from MAZ International School, who have bagged the MYIE Silver Medal with his invention – SOS Safe Child GSM System. Recognising the impressive feat achieved by this young genius, we sat down and had an insightful conversation with the inventor about the winning entry.

ITEX: Can you tell us what does your invention do?

AR: My invention, the SOS Safe Child GSM System, allows parents to track their child’s location with their mobile phone, and also the ability to respond immediately when their child is in danger. Parents can also make calls to the device to hear their child for immediate action.


ITEX: How did the idea of the SOS Safe Child GSM System came about?

AR: Many parents, including my father, are always concerned whenever their children want to go out and play. This is understandable when there are so many cases of kidnapping and bullying happening daily. One day, the alarm system at one my father’s properties went off and my father was alerted immediately to respond to the situation. That’s when my thoughts sparked: “What if I can have an alarm system, like the one at my father’s property, connected to me when I go out to play?” From that day onwards, I began to work on this conceptual project with my father and finally creating the SOS Safe Child GSM System.


ITEX: How would your invention make sense to parents?

AR: All they need to do is to let their children carry the device wherever they go. Even when their children were playing afar, the parents can still be immediately alerted of their child’s condition for them to respond immediately and prevent further harm. It is also simple to operate and most importantly, this might save the life of their child.


ITEX: Are you planning to add additional features/improvement to your invention?

AR: Yes! In fact I’m planning to make my invention even smaller in size and increase its capacity to respond and track further.


ITEX: Did your invention receive any interest from investors?

AR: Currently I have yet to receive any inquiry from investors, but I did hear some interested parents who want to purchase my invention. I believe in the near future, this device will be highly on demand once the public were aware about it.


ITEX: Do you have any interest to commercialising your invention?

AR: Yes, I do. I think my invention will not only benefit parents in safeguarding and protecting their child, but also allows their child to have a secured childhood.


As a final note to all young inventors, click HERE to register your interest for this year WYIE (World Young Inventors Challenge) ?