World’s First Eco-Friendly Hybrid Technology Hot Water System

Inventors are the new breed whose ideas are shaping the technology we enjoy today. However, bringing an idea to reality is no easy feat as Ken Foo, founder of SEERS Technology Sdn Bhd, will tell you.

“It’s a three year journey of ups and downs but the reward is satisfying as it’s a proud accomplishment of my dream that turned into reality”, says Foo, the winner of the Asia Invention Cup 2009.

It all started with the safety level of water heaters installed in homes. “It came to my knowledge that electrocutions while showering claims one life every six months. That’s a staggering amount for a product that should be safe in the first place”.

That got him thinking about why water heaters in homes causes electrocution and what can be done to have a safe water heating system. He discovered that the problem was the corroded and cracked heating elements immersed inside the water heater or boilers.

“So, I put on my thinking cap to create a water heater without using water heater elements. With my background study in Aerospace Engineering, I created the technology that offers an efficient heat transfer technique where energy is extracted from ambient air to produce hot water”, added Foo.

The SEERS Hybrid Hot Water System is the world’s first eco-friendly hybrid technology that enables users to enjoy hot water that’s powered by an inexpensive to operate 12v DC system.

The system incorporates a revolutionary technology that offers an efficient heat transfer technique, where energy is extracted from ambient air to produce hot water without the use of heating elements, electric booster or hermetic compressor.

Using only 12-volt DC power consumption, the system is not only cost effective, but also very safe. It is now possible for you to have a luxurious bath with instant hot shower. You can also disinfect dirty laundry or wash dishes with hot water on a daily basis without worrying about running up the energy bill.

Its low-energy consumption technology makes it among the most cost-saving hot water systems in the world. Unlike conventional solar system, the SEERS hybrid hot water system works day and night regardless of the weather.

A temperature controller enables the user to adjust water temperature as required. With global warming on everyone’s mind, people are becoming more concerned about the environment they live in.

Winning the Asian Invention Cup in 2009 not only boosted his confidence, but opened the doors for opportunities. “I got many calls from developers wanting to use my product. I also managed to get some investors to invest in my invention after I got the Award”, added Foo.

After winning the Award, he landed his first project to install water heaters in a high-end residential development in Mont Kiara. “I started receiving other projects from developers such as IJM, Mah Sing Group, IGB, Paramount Property and SP Setia”.

After capturing the local market, Foo started to look for opportunities overseas and began exporting the product to Japan, Ireland, Indonesia, Philippines, Cambodia and Thailand.

Besides instant water heater, SEERS also market centralised hybrid hot water system, alkaline water purifier that eliminates 99.99% of harmful bacteria and dirt in the drinking water, storage water heater, hot water dispenser and three second thermos flask booster pump.

“Our revolutionary heat transfer technique, also harnesses ambient heat and releases cooled air back to the environment. SEERS hopes to restore the balance of the environment by providing a cleaner, healthier and cooler world for future generations”, said Foo.

Foo’s mission is to build a strong environmental brand by producing energy-efficient electrical appliances to meet the market trends and demand.

SEERS Technology is the inventor and manufacturer of its signature DC water heater system that uses its international patented 12 volt driven heat extraction technology. This world-renowned application was filled through the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) at the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) under the title “Apparatus for Heating Water and Methodology Thereof”.


Article by: Invention Asia: Sharmila Vella