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Date Media Articles
12-May-17 Sin Chew 阿布巴卡 : 让民众分享 ITEX发明品应商业化
12-May-17 China Press ITEX盛大开幕词
12-May-17 Harian Metro Himpun 1,000 inovasi
8-May-17 NST Inventing for a Better World
6-May-17 The Star ITEX 2017 to feature 1,000 inventions


Date Media Articles
16-May-16 The Edge Official Launch of ITEX 2016
14-May-16 China Press 发明及创新国际展入场免费
13-May-16 Kosmo! Eseri Pertandingan Tiga Produk Inovasi dalam ITEX 2016
13-May-16 Nanyang Siang Pau 科艺部长:本月气候适合 下月烟雾更难布云造鱼
13-May-16 Oriental Daily ITEX发明创新展开幕
13-May-16 Sin Chew 发明创新国际展 今举行颁奖仪式
5-May-16 Oriental Daily 国际发明创新科技展11日开展
29-Apr-16 The Star ITEX to showcase 1,000 inventions
26-Apr-16 China Press 发明及设计协会主办 ITEX 2016 下月举行
26-Apr-16 Sin Chew 大马发明创新科技展5月中隆会展中心举行


Date Media Articles
13-May-15 China Press ITEX2015 21日掀帷幕
08-May-15 Berita Harian ITEX tampil 1,000 rekaan
08-May-15 Nan Yang Siang Pao 大马发明及创新展21日掀幕
08-May-15 NST ITEX 2015 to showcase more than 1,000 inventations
08-May-15 Sin Chew 大马发明与创新展 21 日起隆会展中心举行


Date Media Articles
19-May-14 The Edge Showcasing Innovation
11-May-14 Berita Harian UniMAP Raih 55 Pingat Emas ITEX
10-May-14 FOCUSM Meeting of Creative Minds
10-May-14 Berita Harian MPOB Menang Besar Dalam ITEX 2014.
10-May-14 The Star Invention Nation Exhibition Showcases The Work Of Country’s Creative Minds
9-May-14 China Press 大马发明、创新科技展 即起展示1000件作品
9-May-14 Kwong Wah 20国逾千单位参加大马ITEX际发明展
9-May-14 Kwong Wah 第25届大马ITEX展 吸引全球20国家参与
9-May-14 Nanyang Siang Pau 创意新发明
9-May-14 Sin Chew Daily 海内外专才参展 发明传新科技展掀幕
6-May-14 Sin Chew Daily 第二十五届ITEX 8日起隆举行
3-May-14 Malaysia SME Fast-tracking innovation for business
3-May-14 Berita Harian ITEX 2014 pamer 1,000 ciptaan, inovasi
3-May-14 Business Times ITEX to be held next week
May-14 SME Connect 马来西亚国际发明创新科技展为发明者提供展示平台促进发明商机
May-14 SME East Malaysia 25th International Invention, Innovation & Technology Exhibition Malaysia 2014
30-Apr-14 Nanyang Siang Pau 发明创新科技展 5月8号起举行
26-Apr-14 The Star Inviting Inventors
26-Apr-14 The Star Event Set to Highlight Country’s Most Innovative (PDF)
26-Apr-14 The Star Event Set to Highlight COuntry’s Most Innovative
26-Apr-14 The Star ITEX 2014 to bring more inventions to the fore
7-Apr-14 Nanyang Siang Pau 发明、创新及科技国际展 发掘新发明开拓新业务



Date Media Articles
1-May-13 China Press ITEX 2013 509隆重引爆
2-May-13 Business Today To Stir Young Minds
6-May-13 Sin Chew Daily 第二十五届 ITEX 8日起隆举行
6-May-13 ITEX 2014 E-Newsletter An Opportunity to Invest In The Best Inventions!
2-May-13 Sin Chew Daily 突破1,000项来自20个国家的发明品
2-May-13 The Star A Record-Breaking of 1,000 Inventions from 20 Countries
7-May-13 News Straits Times ITEX’s back
8-May-13 Nanyang Siang Pau 科学工艺部拨6.5亿 商业化49创新产品
8-May-13 Sin Chew Daily 海內外專才參展‧發明創新科技展掀幕
9-May-13 China Press 大马发明、创新科技展 即起展示1000件作品
9-May-13 Kwong Wah 国逾千单位参加大马ITEX际发明展
9-May-13 Kwong Wah 第25届大马ITEX展 吸引全球20国家参与
9-May-13 Nanyang Siang Pau 创意新发明
9-May-13 Sin Chew Daily 海内外专才参展 发明传新科技展掀幕
10-May-13 Sin Chew Daily 20国家地区参与 科技发明即起举行
10-May-13 Berita Harian ITEX 2013 tarik 88 pempamer
10-May-13 Harian Metro 1,000 sertai ITEX13
10-May-13 Nanyang Siang Pau 发明科技国际展 千种展品料吸引2万人|
10-May-13 The Star Exhibition showcases the work of country’s creative minds
10-May-13 Sin Chew Daily 副教長:培育更多年輕發明家
10-May-13 Berita Harian MPOB Menang Besar Dalam ITEX 2014
10-May-13 The Star Exhibition Showcases The Work Of Country’s Creative Minds (PDF)
11-May-13 China Press ITEX 2013料吸引2万人参观
11-May-13 Berita Harian UniMAP Raih 55 Pingat Emas ITEX
14-May-13 Business Times MPOB’s Idris wins ITEX award
14-May-13 Gizmag Wearable smart veins locator could help nurses see below the skin
15-May-13 Gizmag Sea-Eye monitors the oceans even when tipped upside down
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