Top ICT (Information & Communications Technology) Predictions In Asia Pacific

IN the increasingly digital world, new and emerging innovations are set to disrupt the way people live, work and play. According to youth across the Asia Pacific region, the most exciting technologies expected to have the largest impact on their future lives will be artificial intelligence, virtual/ mixed/augmented reality, and Internet of Things, based on survey findings released today by Microsoft.

In the Microsoft Asia Digital Future Survey, 1,400 youth were polled across 14 markets across the Asia Pacific region, comprising Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. Artificial intelligence is ranked as the top technology that youth expect to have the biggest impact on their lives. In recent years, the confluence of power devices, cloud and data has enabled bold visions on how AI can be an integrated part of our digital future. According to the survey, these are the three scenarios that youth anticipate that the biggest improvement to their lives from AI:

  1. Connected or driverless cars (39%)
  2. Software robots that improve productivity (36%)
  3. Robots as social companions (19%)

The second-ranked technology that youth are excited about is virtual/mixed/augmented reality. The third-ranked technology that youth are most excited about is the Internet of Things. Six in 10 youth feel their country is not ready to adapt to digital disruptions. To address this, they feel a top priority is to ensure schools prepare students with the right skills to fully leverage future innovations (30%); followed by creating conducive business environments to encourage start-ups (29%), and making technology accessible to all citizens (24%). The survey also revealed some of the concerns held by youth around the increasingly digital world. Among their top three concerns are:

  1. Security and privacy (28%)
  2. Relationships becoming too impersonal (27%)
  3. Potential loss of jobs (26%)

According to the survey, youth feel strongly that public-private partnerships (37%) are needed to drive innovations, ahead of the public sector or the government going at it alone (29%); technology start-ups (18%); and the private sector (15%).

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