NOBEL Prizes in Physics, Chemistry and Physiology or Medicine recognize revolutionary discoveries that will advance our understanding of the world around us. When Swedish inventor Alfred Nobel read a premature obituary condemning him for profiting from the sales of arms, the inventor of dynamite bequeathed his fortune to set up the Nobel Prizes. First awarded in 1901, the set of annual international awards bestowed to deserving Laureates by Swedish and Norwegian institutions honour advancements in Chemistry, Literature, Peace, Physics and Physiology or Medicine. Each Nobel Laureate receives a gold medal, a diploma, and a sum of money decided by the Nobel Foundation. As of 2012, each prize was worth US$1.2 million which is roughly equivalent to RM5.3 million. Over a century has passed, and experts in these fields continue to make amazing discoveries that will change the face of humanity and how we live. Stay tuned to find out for the year 2016, who were the experts awarded the prizes in the categories of Chemistry, Physics and Medicine/Physiology.


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