We at the ministry are set out to achieve a target. By the end of 2020, we must see 360 products being commercialised. In fact they must not only achieve commercialization status, they must also be high impact to the Malaysian economy. That is what the participants at ITEX are hoping to be a part of. The ministry will always provide its support to those with great ideas.
Datuk Dr. Abu Bakar Mohamad Diah
Malaysia Deputy Minister of Science, Technology & Innovation
This is our first time participating in this exhibition. There´s the presence of Malaysia, China and Taiwan; basically countries that have a lot of factories and are able to convert ideas into products. We believe that the member countries of GCC will be able to emulate the best practises seen here to improve the manufacturing scene back home in the Middle East.
Eng Ali Ahmed Al-Mulla
GCC Head of Delegation
Thailand exhibitors have been part of this event for many years now and over the period we have gained tremendously. One focus is that we are ultimately looking for partnerships. We believe that countries like Malaysia and others around this region are the most ideal for an economy like Thailand. ITEX has proven many times over that it is an effective platform for such purposes.
Prisda Hiranaburna
Thailand Head of Delegation
Winning this award from ITEX changes everything. ITEX will be a very good platform to help support our expansion plans as we move forward. We are strategizing to expose our product to schools beyond Kuala Lumpur and I believe this award will give us the positive recognition that we need, not only locally but also internationally.
Dr. Nurkhamimi Zainuddin (Universiti Islam Sains Malaysia)
Winner of Best Invention, University Category (Global Zakat Game)
ITEX is a very effective launching pad for budding inventors and on the other hand for us as seasoned inventors, we are given the opportunity to see what is ahead in order to invent bigger and better things for the future. This is especially true in the area of green technology.
Md Zin Bin Abu
Winner of Best Invention, Individual Category (Nanosized Bolt Coating)